Collaboration environment for Artificial intelligence is established at Lindholmen - positive synergies for SAFER are expected

An international leading artificial intelligence (AI) collaboration - Data Factory & Arena - will be established in Gothenburg at Lindholmen Science Park, in close proximity to SAFER's operations.

Artificial intelligence can contribute to a more sustainable and safer transport system. In order to contribute to the development and the opportunity to accelerate the application of AI, Sweden now creates an international leading collaboration environment for AI.

“We look forward to this establishment. For SAFER this collaboration will help to create even better tools for our research and it will also be a great opportunity for collaboration with other areas that work with complex data sets”, says Magnus Granström, SAFER’s director.

The collaborative environment will form a meeting point within applied AI-related projects and the generation of data for academia, industry and the public sector. The idea is to create a dynamic world-class environment where access to large amounts of unique and interesting data will attract academic and industrial researchers as well as research institutes. The collaborative environment will also help to enable cross-fertilization of AI knowledge between different application areas and develop methods and infrastructure to manage large amounts of data in a controlled and reliable manner in order to effectively train AI algorithms.

The arena will be open to individuals and teams from universities, industry and the public sector who conduct AI-related research and innovation activities in different industries, including e.g. technical products and systems.

Read more in the press release from the Swedish government:


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