The Collaborator of the Year Award to the SAFER environment

Sep, 16 2021

Malin Levin, deputy director at SAFER Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre at Chalmers, is awarded the Collaborator of the year. The award was presented during Lindholmen Open Day September 16 and the jury's motivation states that: 

For many years, Malin has with great energy, creativity and perseverance led complex collaborations in the important area of road safety. She always sees opportunities and potential in connecting people and ideas - not least in including SAFER's activities in other innovation environments and programs. In other words, a real collaboration professional who made an impression far beyond her own organization.

The competition was tough and the other finalists were Gang Wei, Uni3 by Geely and Louise Larsson, Älvstranden.
The prestigious prize is awarded to a person, connected to Lindholmen Science Park, that has created conditions for successful partnerships during the past year in an open and committed way. 

How does it feel to have been awarded the Collaborator of the Year?
“I am very happy and grateful for the award. The award is a true confirmation that the collaboration we jointly conduct within SAFER to contribute to a safe and sustainable transport system actually works in practice, creates added value, contributes to utilization in society and also is appreciated by the partners. Being a co-creator and a facilitator for our joint collaboration within SAFER is fantastic”!

What does collaboration mean to you?
“Collaboration for me, it's like a superpower, I would say. When this force, which is created in successful collaboration with people who share the same beliefs and contribute with their different perspectives, is released in its full potential, very complex societal problems can be solved. Collaboration for me is also to create added value, smarter. All the perspectives that come with successful collaboration, that contribute to a higher understanding, are so valuable. Collaboration is also creativity, curiosity and joy of discovery. If we are to meet the global sustainability challenges that this planet faces, collaboration is essential. The global sustainability goals are indivisibly and we need to be able to work together in close cooperation to reach our common targets”.

Behind the award is Lindholmen Science Park AB, which works to stimulate collaboration within Lindholmen's entire ecosystem, and the jury consists of leaders from the business community in the area.

“The whole idea with Lindholmen Science Park is to get collaboration between different parties in the form of research and demonstration projects and that the area and the collaboration climate itself should be attractive for forward-looking Swedish and foreign companies. Together we put Lindholmen and Sweden on the world map”, says Martin Wahlgren, CEO of Consat and a member of the jury for Collaborator of the Year.