Competence network for functional safety is starting up

We are happy to announce that we are re-starting the competence network “Functional Safety” within SAFER! We are eager to get this up and running again as there is so much happening in the area right now, e.g. with automation and electromobility for road vehicles. As for all SAFER competence networks, the aim is to create a forum where we meet to develop and share knowledge. For this team of knowledgeable people, it will be in the area of functional safety and in the SAFER context. 

Functional Safety is about reducing risks related to malfunctioning electronics and software. As electronics and software is part of a vehicle, this is a highly interdisciplinary approach connected to most other competence networks in SAFER. 

The network will be led by Dr. Per Johannessen, Volvo Group, and all SAFER partners interested in this line of research are most welcome to join in. 

“In my network we aim to develop new competence in this area and targets to create more collaboration across the other competence networks. I am really looking forward to be part of this process to create new knowledge in this area”, Per says.

We believe that many SAFER partners have a need and would greatly benefit from keeping track of what is happening in this field. The purpose of this network it to, for example:
•    increasing knowledge of Functional Safety in SAFER by joint activities.
•    sharing news, exciting new research and joint challenges that need to be addressed.
•    keeping track of open calls and facilitating the forming of joint research projects.
•    engaging internal experts and inviting external experts to spread information in interesting talks.
•    helping each other keep track of the research-frontier by reading and presenting interesting research papers.

Functional safety

Welcome to the kick-off meeting
The kick-off will be on February 23rd, 13:00 -15:00. To register, click the link below (please note that this is only for SAFER partners). Also, if you are interested to join this network but not able to attend the kick-off meeting, please fill in the registration form anyway to be invited for future activities. We hope that many of you will see the benefit of sharing your expertise in this network and getting experience of your fellow colleagues in return.

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