Enhanced ADAS: Improving drivers’ experience, acceptance and trust in assistance systems – a new project in SAFER’s portfolio

The aim of this new associated project is to explore how safety, efficiency and drivers’ experience, acceptance and trust in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) can be enhanced by enriching the situation awareness of existing ADAS with real-time information on driver behavior and maps, and by incorporating dynamic driver-vehicle interaction strategies.

Expected results
The expected results include for example:
a) novel knowledge on how driver-vehicle interactions need to be designed, 
b) understanding of how threat assessment can be enhanced by extending situation awareness in terms of real-time driver behavior and maps, 
c) proof-of-concept prototypes of enhanced ADAS with dynamic driver-vehicle interaction strategies (human-machine interfaces and/or vehicle behavior), e) evaluation methodologies for enhanced ADAS 
d) quantified effects of enhanced ADAS in terms of safety, efficiency and drivers’ experience, acceptance and trust.

Proof of concept
By utilizing human-centric methodologies, the SAFER researchers will specify drivers’ support needs in selected use cases and integrate existing systems for environmental sensing, vehicle behavior, driver monitoring and maps into proof-of-concept ADAS-prototypes with novel threat assessment and dynamic driver-vehicle interaction strategies. These will be evaluated with drivers on public road and/or test track using evaluation methodologies specified in the project. The project is divided into 7 work packages.
The project is placed in SAFER’s portfolio for Road user behavior. The project will be finalized in October 2022 and the partners are RISE, Aptiv and Smart Eye. Funding comes from Vinnova/FFI (about 8,6 MSEK).

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