Entrepreneurs with an idea originated from SAFER won the regional Venture Cup 2018

May, 17 2018

Venture Cup has been organized since 1998 with, among others, McKinsey, Chalmers and Gothenburg University as founders. Now this year's regional prize winners have been appointed and one of the winners was Detecht, who has developed a smart app to help motorcycle drivers after an accident - an invention that can save lives.

The invention Jalp!, developed to save lives of cyclists and All-terrain vehicle-drivers, and originated from SAFER, has been further developed for MC at Chalmers Ventures Entrepreneurship School under the name Detecht. The invention can shorten the time it takes until the injured person can be given care and thus save lives and reduce injuries. Jalp! uses built-in sensors to collect data on how the bike is moving. If an accident occurs, the sensors will detect this and start to vibrate and send out an audible signal. SOS alarm can also be contacted.

The entrepreneurs received a prize amount of SEK 100,000.

Venture Cup
Niklas Ohlsson, Tobias Goldman and Christoffer Carlsson from Chalmers Ventures Entrepreneurship School.