Erna Ebeling's award to SAFER-associated researcher

Jun, 19 2020

One of our most committed SAFER researchers, as well as PICTA's founder, Professor Bengt Arne Sjöqvist, has been awarded Erna Ebeling's award for 2020 together with Professor Kaj Lindecrantz, one of MedTech West's founders.

The award is presented by the Board of the Swedish Medical Technology Association and the Swedish Society of Medicine with the motivation: "For their outstanding joint efforts in telemedicine and processing of physiological signals. It is especially noted that they were international pioneers in telemedicine and that they were the first to transmit mobile telephony technology between the ambulance and the hospital at that time. The award is also a recognition of their work in strengthening the field of medical technology. "

Bengt-Arne has been engaged in the SAFER environment for many years. He has, among other things, been the Research area director for the research area Care and Rescue and Competence network leader for Human Monitoring.