First call in SAFER Idea Exploration Program: Funding awarded for knowledge transfer of Vision Zero and human body modelling

Mar, 27 2024

This initiative marks the inaugural outcome of SAFER's first call for projects in the Idea Exploration program, aiming to address critical road safety challenges through research and knowledge dissemination, valuable for partners in the SAFER platform. In the first call in SAFER Stage 6, two projects were selected for funding:

1. Advancements in the 'KinePose' Framework for computer vision-aided reconstruction of pose and motion in computational Human Body Models

This project, led by Lund University and Chalmers University in collaboration with Trinity College Dublin, aims to refine computational modeling techniques to mitigate serious injuries among pedestrians and cyclists. By harnessing the 'KinePose' framework, the project seeks to enhance the reconstruction of falls using multibody and finite element human body models. The envisioned outcomes include a scoping study to explore the potential extension of the framework and subsequent collaboration within the SAFER network.

2. Knowledge transfer from the founders of Vision Zero to new generations, on the three dimensions of ethics, responsibility, and solutions

In partnership with Guidance to Zero and the City of Gothenburg, this project addresses the generational shift in road safety leadership. It aims to identify knowledge gaps and update practices to ensure the continuity of Vision Zero principles. The project' will assess current knowledge-building practices among traffic and community planners, with an emphasis on identifying communication needs and preferences. Expected outcomes include insights into knowledge utilization among professionals and strategies for effective knowledge dissemination.

The SAFER Idea Exploration Program
To support the development of the project portfolio, the SAFER idea exploration program is an important part of how we facilitate and influence research. In this program, we fund research activities that can bring value back to SAFER’s partners, supporting our vision to contribute to a safe road transport system for all.

Some examples of possible activities we support:

  • Pre-studies on emerging or entirely new topics and strategic areas.
  • Getting started with strategic knowledge creation that can be leveraged e.g., by using the new competence as a basis for national funding or an entry ticket to prestigious international collaborations.
  • We also welcome proposals that are of a different nature, for instance for finalization of publications from a completed project or investigation of a new area. Simply put, projects that lead SAFER forward and contribute to the continued development of our collaboration platform.

The timing and structure of the upcoming call, exclusive open to SAFER's Working Groups, will be communicated in early April.