Fit2Drive – a new project in SAFER’s portfolio aims to develop an assessment system to determine whether a driver is fit to drive

Alcohol intoxication and inattention are contributing factors to traffic accidents. Understanding when a driver is not capable of conveying its vehicle is a safe way, combined with countermeasures, can potentially prevent many of these accidents. Fit2Drive aims to deliver an algorithm that can assess the driver's state in real time, based on algorithms that that can detect inattention and alcohol intoxication. The system will work autonomously and contact-free, via assessment of eye movements, facial expressions and a number of other indicators.

The assessment aims to be able to be used up to automation level SAE L4.

The project will be led by Katja Kircher, VTI. Vinnova/FFI is the financier and the SAFER partners are Smart Eye and VTI. The project started in April 2020 and will be concluded by the end of 2023. The project, which is associated, will be placed in SAFER’s Research area for Road user behavior.

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