Five new partners contribute with valuable knowledge to SAFER's fifth stage

May, 07 2019

On April 1, a new phase of joint road safety research at SAFER Vehicle and Traffic safety centre was initiated. Three new partners; BETA CAE Nordic AB, CEVT and NTF West have joined the collaboration platform and two of the existing partners; The University of Skövde and MediaMobile/V-Traffic have stepped up a level from associate members to full-fledged research partners.

Malin Levin is pleased with the new knowledge providers into the SAFER research platform.

“We welcome the new partners into the research community. The fact that the five new partners come from different areas, and thus can contribute with several new perspectives and expertise is valuable to us”, says Malin Levin, responsible for the partnership dialogues at SAFER.

BETA CAE Nordic AB provides CAE software and services to the engineering community in the Nordic region. The pre and post-processing and automation tools (ANSA, META, SPDRM) are integral part of crash and safety-CAE activities in all major automotive OEMs and technical consultancy companies. The company also assist crash and safety related research carried out at academic institutions. BETA CAE aims to be at the fore front of research and innovative technology in vehicle safety and offer their experience and expertise to the identification of suitable modeling and simulation approach to the problems at hand, which will be a valuable contribution e.g. in the Human body protection research area and the continuous development of SAFER’s world leading human body modelling tool.

Stelios Seitanis, Managing Director of BETA CAE Nordic says:
"We are excited for the opportunity to fuse our know-how and software with the experience and expertise of SAFER and its partners. Being aligned with SAFER’s vision and principles towards zero accidents, we are confident that this partnership will deliver exciting results in the field of vehicle safety".

CEVT (China Euro Vehicle Technology)
CEVT is one of the main actors in the area of technology development within the automotive industry. Now, when they are established at Lindholmen, it is natural for SAFER to include them in the multidisciplinary research platform. CEVT, with around 2000 employees in Gothenburg, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zheijiang Geely Holding Group. CEVT is responsible for the development of automotive platforms for LYNK&Co, Geely and Volvo Cars and for the development of top hat systems for LYNK&Co and Geely. In addition, CEVT has an innovation process where new automotive concepts are developed.
CEVT’s expertise and experience in how to develop vehicle systems with high safety performance will contribute in SAFER’s work. CEVT also aims to work with analysis tools and processes to develop vehicle safety systems, e.g. within automated driving.

Mediamobile is one of the leading providers of real-time traffic and mobility information services in France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Poland. The services are marketed under the V-Traffic brand. Mediamobile collects and interprets traffic-related data in real time, and then distributing the resulting valued-added information. The organisation provides proactive safety information in real-time of road weather, wild animals and traffic information. V-Traffic proactive safety information is delivered through the national broadcast network (RDS-TMC) to approximately 1 million vehicles on the Swedish roads.

MediaMobile will contribute to the collaboration through sharing the V-Traffic safety related information to find better ways and technologies how to inform the road users whether it is human beings or autonomous cars to be prepared for unexpected situations on the road.

NTF West
NTF West is one of 13 NTF associations in Sweden., which are independent and idea-based organisations that works for everyone's right to safe traffic. The overall goal of the activities is the zero vision - no one should be killed or seriously injured in traffic. The work is based on traffic regulation and road safety research. Information and education convey knowledge that can contribute to reducing the number of traffic accidents. NTF has good and valuable channels to reach out to the general public, e.g. through seminars and conferences along with experience to help transform knowledge to reach the general public. The organisation will also give valuable input to SAFER’s research questions and help in conduct studies, e.g. use of safety belt.

University of Skövde
The University of Skövde is relatively young, but still comparable to the old prestigious universities in terms of quality. The university has about 3400 students (full-year equivalents, but 7360 individuals) and about 540 employees.

The main contributor from the University of Skövde is, initially, the School of Informatics. The academic activities range over a wide field characterized by interdisciplinary and are focused on developing and adapting the use of IT to the needs of people, organizations and society. The University has a combined knowledge and experience in human body modelling, human cognition, human-computer/robot interaction, cognitive systems, artificial intelligence (data-mining, information visualization) that will both fit well and add new knowledge and perspectives to the current SAFER environment.