Four new partners are joining SAFER: Agreat, Consenz, Knightec and Tier Mobility

Safe mobility can only be realized when talented and dedicated people work together with a clear vision, shoulder by shoulder. The development of knowledge in traffic safety is essential, and by applying collaborative research the SAFER partners create visible and measurable results in practice. Our SAFER partners play an important role in the creation of sustainable transport systems and we are happy to welcome four new partners to the community; Agreat, Consenz, Knightec and Tier Mobility.

In the following section, the new partners present themselves briefly and you will have an opportunity to listen to them at one of the SAFER Thursday lunch seminars during the autumn. 

Agreat – experience in functional safety from various domains
Agreat is a consultant agency with expertise in connectivity, autonomous tech and intelligent devices. The company will contribute with relevant competence and experience within the areas of functional safety as well as safety of automated driving and are working in close collaboration with other SAFER partners in this field. Agreat will also contribute with knowledge and experience from many different areas, projects and customers, which is relevant for a research domain as functional safety. Some examples of research of interest for collaboration are e.g. safety assurance for automated driving systems, usage of a quantitative safety norm as a part of an automated driving system safety case and usage of machine learning algorithms in safety relevant systems as well as usage of agile development approaches in combination with functional safety. 

Consenz offers a heads-up display for increased traffic safety
Consenz develops a connected and fully voice controlled heads-up display that gives the driver a safe and comfortable experience on an individual level. Being an affordable retrofit solution for any car, Consenz enables smart, interactive, and dynamic traffic planning as well as increased traffic safety. The development of this, and the use of the application, can give rise to a valuable exchange of knowledge. In addition, through the open platform and the collaborative ecosystem that are used, there is a potential for using the road and driver behavior data collected during use in joint research at the SAFER platform. We see opportunities for an increased understanding of the use of driver support systems of this kind, as well as gaining insight into new issues in research e.g. in human interaction with the vehicle, given the nature of the company and the product. How the company works with nudging and gamification to support safer road user behavior is also interesting to study and learn more from. 

Knightec - cutting-edge expertise in functional safety
Knightec intends to contribute with cutting-edge expertise within our competence networks for Functional safety and Safety assurance. Knightec are currently working with e.g. process development projects related to functional safety of road vehicles, reviews, assessments and audits related to product/functional safety of vehicles, collection of traffic safety-related data (accident frequency and severity, vehicle usage) and investigation project related to safety target setting for automated vehicles. Research questions of interest are safety assurance of automated Vehicles - particularly about how to build a credible safety case, safety target setting – based on tolerable accident rates for various operational design domains, safety of high voltage batteries – during production, operation and post-crash.

Tier – an important provider of micro-mobility
Tier’s vision is to lead the way towards seamless and sustainable mobility. Together with public and private organizations, they rethink urban transportation and reshape cities’ landscapes by offering easy-accessible and affordable mobility services. The company offers various solutions within micro-mobility and aim to contribute with knowledge in research regarding transition to more physically active travel, which is an important area for SAFER. The partnership can contribute to SAFER’s joint research through e.g. access to customer data and opportunities to study road user behavior and discuss/test different protection systems. The partnership can also bring valuable knowledge in new forms of mobility, that can be applied to future research on other new personal transport means. 

Safer – Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre

SAFER is the open research arena where researchers and expertise work together to create safe mobility. Our traffic safety approach covers people, vehicles and the infrastructure – and together we contribute to safer road transports and smarter, more sustainable cities.

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