Global traffic safety scenarios - A state of the art review of global policy targets and strategies

Together with Volvo Group SAFER has produced a report that compiles the best available knowledge about the global road safety situation and indications for future possible scenarios for development. The objective is that the collected information will help technology developers, policy makers and other that work with sustainable mobility to focus on the right things - based on science and the best available knowledge.

The report consists of a state-of-the-art review of available papers and reports dealing with current and future regional and global road safety plans as well as prediction models and other tools and data for the development of future road safety scenarios for the whole safety system (infrastructure, vehicles, human behaviour, policy etc.) as well as different geographical and/or economical regions.

SAFER’s Director Magnus Granström comments on the report:
“As a national research centre for vehicle and traffic safety, the work on this report has given us an opportunity to delve deeper into certain aspects e.g. policy issues and deployment of legislation and other means of influencing behaviour, vehicle features, and infrastructure. At SAFER we are happy to be part of this endeavour and hope that you as a reader find a lot of useful information and also get inspiration for future common work in this area.

Peter Kronberg
Peter Kronberg says: "The report serves as a review of the state of the art of the methods and frameworks available.

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