Guidance to Zero launches project to enhance traffic safety culture

Jan, 24 2024

In a new initiative, Guidance to Zero, SAFER's partner, has initiated a new project aimed at identifying success factors for promoting a positive traffic safety culture within organisations. This project, funded by Skyltfonden, attempts to help companies articulate and report their road safety impact, thereby developing an understanding of their traffic safety footprint.

To estimate an organisation's traffic safety footprint accurately, it is necessary to implement well-developed procedures for identifying and addressing accidents and incidents. These procedures lay the groundwork for building a robust traffic safety culture. Many companies already address traffic safety issues seriously and comprehensively, incorporating their efforts into sustainability reporting. Such reports not only showcase their commitment but also serve as guides for others seeking to improve their traffic safety initiatives. However, identifying these exemplary companies requires a survey to understand their success factors.

The primary objective of the project is to bring attention to and highlight instances where companies have seamlessly integrated traffic safety into their broader sustainability efforts.

Project details

  • Project name: Good examples of reporting on safety culture within companies and organisations
  • Funding source:  Skyltfonden
  • Project period: December 15, 2023, to September 15, 2024
  • Partners: Guidance to Zero AB and Arfors Management AB
  • Project leader: Sanna Eveby, Guidance to Zero AB

Guidance to Zero will lead the project, leveraging its expertise in traffic safety, with Sanna Eveby leading the way. The SAFER collaboration platform will contribute by identifying companies that have excelled in integrating traffic safety into their sustainability framework. The gathered examples will then be disseminated to help organisations replicate and enhance their own traffic safety practices.