HiMinds - new member in SAFER

We have met with Kennth Lindh at Himinds, one of our new members in SAFER, to learn more about them.

Hello Kenneth at HiMinds, welcome as a new member in SAFER!
Hello and thank you!

Tell us more about HiMinds! Who are you and what are you doing?
HiMinds is a professional services company that specializes in Software Development, Embedded Linux and DevOps in projects that utilize embedded systems, smartphones and the cloud. Our focus is innovation and efficient product development in the field of Internet of Things (IoT). Typical applications that we work with are within automotive & transport, avionics, telecom, health, and banking sector. We are located in Gothenburg, Stockholm, and Linköping.

Which benefits do you foresee with your SAFER membership?
We are looking for collaboration with leading companies and organizations in research and industrial projects in the transport sector. Our motive is to apply cutting-edge IoT solutions to save lives in traffic and to help innovate the market.

Have you ever been involved in a traffic accident or incident of any kind and, if so, what did you learn from that?
I have never been directly involved in a traffic accident, but I have seen accidents occur from some distance. When you see a car leaving the ground after a collision you realize the brutal forces that are involved.

What comes into your mind when you hear the words automated driving?
Automated driving is challenging in many areas not only technical, but also in areas like regulations, business models, etc. Among the technical challenges I would like to mention the testing and certification areas.

Which are the most important traffic safety matter you would like to address?
How we can avoid accidents between cars and vulnerable road users like cyclists, pedestrians, etc.

Thank you Kenneth, I hope you and the colleagues at HiMinds will enjoy the membership in SAFER!
Thank you!

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