Increased road safety for electric micro vehicles through VIASAFETY

Dec, 14 2023

The VIASAFETY (Road Traffic Safety for Electric Micro Vehicles) project aims to enhance traffic safety for small vehicles, including electric scooters, cargo bikes, bicycles, and electric mopeds, operating at low speeds on roads. Conducted in Gothenburg, where a fleet of such electrified and connected vehicles is in use for transporting goods and people, the project seeks to demonstrate the potential of this new mobility solution in a real environment.

The electrified vehicles in Gothenburg will generate valuable data for the project, which will be processed, analyzed, and shared among project stakeholders. Post-project, a portion of this data will be accessible at SAFER and CLOSER for future research. The project focuses on developing analysis methods and tools for community and traffic planning, along with identifying risk zones in the traffic environment for small vehicles at low speeds. AI methods will be employed for data collection and analysis, ensuring the aggregation and anonymization of datasets to safeguard individual privacy.

This initiative is significant for SAFER as it gathers aggregated driving data from electric micro vehicles, contributing to future research in other projects. SAFER's research area, Safety Performance Evaluation, will host the project, with Drive Sweden as the financier. Collaborating partners include CLOSER, Ciklio, Vialumina, and Vianova. Anticipated results will be presented in mid-2025.