An inspiring inspiration day for SAFER researchers

Future research issues in the area of Road user behaviour were in focus when nearly 40 of SAFER’s members gathered in the afternoon of November 23 to be inspired by interesting lecturers and dialogues. The inspiration day was designed to both inspire the community on challenges we do have to reach Vision Zero and to work together to identify what research on Road User Behaviour we want to focus on the coming five years.

Tania Willstand, SAFER’s Research area director comments:

“It's just the type of exercises where SAFER is at its best; gather great and smart people, collect and share knowledge and further develop ideas into life-saving research. I am very pleased with the activity and look forward to combining all the wise responses to a sharp research plan.”

Inspiration talk by Vinnovas chairperson Anna Nilsson-Ehle

The day began with three inspirational talks; Anna-Nilsson-Ehle, chairman of Vinnova, gave an introduction to the global Sustainable Development Goals and Mikael Ljung Aust told about Volvo Cars latest concept car, 360c, where various thematic uses for self-driving cars were shown. Finally, Frida Karlge, Sweco, inspired us with a forward look to Gothenburg in 2070 and what we need to consider when creating the future transport system, which we actually do together now.

Then it was time for the participants to divide into four groups to get into the research questions with the task to identify knowledge gaps within each field, find project ideas, identify research needs that partners are willing to work on the coming five years. Areas that was discussed was; Methods and tools, Road User Monitoring, Nudging and Road User Experience.

”Participants went all in! Leaders were well prepared and the process was done differently in each group from post-it brainstorming to structured partners dialogue.”, Tania concludes.
The output from each group was inspiring stand-up stories, presentations and also movies to sum-up the findings. The results will be used to build the complete research strategy that will conducted in the upcoming five year period of SAFER Stage V, starting first of April 2019.

Research inventory by SAFER's researchers.

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