Jens Henriksson earns a PhD in Deep Learning for Safety-Critical Applications – and becomes a SAFER doctor

Oct, 20 2023

Jens Henriksson, a doctoral student at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Chalmers University, has achieved a significant milestone in his academic journey. Today, he successfully defended his doctoral thesis titled, "Outlier Detection as a Safety Measure for Safety-Critical Deep Learning," and is now officially a SAFER doctor.

Jens Henriksson thesis explores deep learning's role in safety-critical applications. His research enhances safety by reducing misclassifications through outlier detection, bridging safety requirements with deep learning metrics, and ensuring systems operate within acceptable risk levels.

Jens's affiliation with SEMCON and Chalmers University is an integral part of his journey, and he has been involved in the SAFER project SALIENCE4CAV and SMILE III, also focusing on making advancements in safety-critical technology.

Simon Burton from the Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems at the University of York was the opponent and his main supervisor, Christian Berger from Gothenburg University, has guided and supported his research. Johan Karlsson, MTO Säkerhet, was the examiner.

Congratulations to Jens on this remarkable achievement!

Access the Jens' work:

Outlier Detection as a Safety Measure for Safety Critical Deep Learning (