Latest news about SAFER Stage V

The process of creating a new agreement for continued cooperation between the SAFER partners is steadily moving forward. In early October, a first proposal for research content in the next phase, which extends between April 1st 2019 and December 31st 2023, was presented. After that, the content has been further refined in dialogue with our partners. Various suggestions on how to improve the organization of the research centre have also been received and further developed.

“For example, in the next stage we will have an even greater focus on strategic research matters within the management team, to ensure a better exchange between different research areas, keep focus on the established research plans and ensure value given back to our partners”, Magnus Granström, SAFER’s director, tells.

As a consequence, we will introduce a Scientific council comprised of our four research area directors, our profile area leader for traffic safety, and also link us much more clearly to Vision Zero with the help of the vision zero academy research leader. Another positive change is that the reference groups will be strengthened with a “co-driver” in order to better manage the strategic direction and ensure that the required support for projects and roadmapping is carried out within the groups. Other areas that also will be strengthened are how we work with calls for proposals as well as science and technology watch.

An extra Shareholders meeting was held on December 10th. All partners were represented at the meeting and the meeting decided to proceed with the proposal for main agreement and strategic and operational work plan. The partners now have until January 25th to submit additional comments and further proposals for improvements.

“It has been an inspiring time to develop the proposal in close dialogue with our partners. I am pleased with the research plan we have developed, and I think we have actually managed to include almost all input and needs from our partners”, Magnus concludes.

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