Lunch & networking seminars at SAFER spring 2020

Jan, 28 2020

The schedule for our appreciated Thursday seminars for the spring is now set!

Every Thursday 11:30-12:30 a seminar, shared by two researchers from SAFER, is given. The themes are based on our four research areas, competence networks and connected research resources. We also invite other relevant speakers, e.g. new partners. The main objectives are to share knowledge, get inspiration to new projects and network. We also offer access to the seminars via Skype.

January 30 (week 5)
Who’s driving this truck? Linda Meiby, Technology Leader HMI, Scania Research and Innovation Office explains the key human machine interaction challenges with increasing automation via the most common use cases around heavy automated vehicles. Jonas Andersson, Senior Researcher, RISE presents The SEBRA project (SEnsor for Bicyclist impRoved Awareness).

February 6 (week 6)
Theme: Are men more protected than women in traffic?
People moving around in the in the transport system are of varying length, weight, muscle mass, age and gender. Everyone needs protection, whether in a vehicle or outside. As today's regulations are designed, half the population is excluded since many of the crash test dummies in use are based on a male body shape. We will provide an updated picture of today's level of knowledge and discuss the question of whether existing legislation needs to be developed or supplemented so that the entire population can be considered to be represented in how crash tests are conducted. Is it the case that parts of the population are less protected than others, and is there a link to the design of the crash test dummies? The session is hosted by Prof. Mats Svensson, Chalmers. Anna Carlsson, CIT together with Hanna Wennberg will present their research.

There are no seminars week 7 and 8 due to Winter holiday and the global UN conference on road safety.

February 27 (week 9)
Johan Olstam, VTI, will present the project CoEXist, which is a European project, which aims at preparing the transition phase during which automated and conventional vehicles will co-exist on cities’ roads. BETA CAE is a new partner in SAFER and Stylianos Seitanis will present their competence in simulation and how they aim to contribute to our joint search platform.

March 5 (week 10)
CEVT is a new partner in SAFER and will present their core competence in vehicle safety and how they aim to contribute to the collaborative research. Also, we will give an update regarding the possibilities to apply for funding in the Open calls for curiosity research at AstaZero. We inform about the process and present some inspirational success stories.

March 12 (week 11)
The SAFER lunch and networking seminar week 11 is hosted by Azra Habibovic, RISE, and also Research Area Director for the SAFER’s Road User Behaviour reference group. This week Trent Victor, Volvo Cars will present key results from the recent Drive Me project. Cecilia Schülen & Jakob Hjelmåker, EDAG, will introduce us to the concept of Citybot.

March 19 (week 12)

This week's seminar Electric scooters are on the road: how do the riders crash and how we can protect them? hosted by Giulio Bianchi Piccinini, Assistant Professor at the Crash Analysis and Prevention Unit, Division of Vehicle Safety, Chalmers & and leader for SAFER’s competence network on Human Behaviour. Giulio has some very interesting speakers lined up for this week. The seminar focuses on the highly topical use of e-scooters, locally in Gothenburg, and how to best minimize injury and increase protection for riders.

Electric scooters in Gothenburg
Speaker: Annika Nilsson, Analyst at Urban Transport Administration (Trafikkontoret), City of Gothenburg.

During 2019 electric scooters became more and more common in Gothenburg. As a result, 180 accidents with electric scooters (with a personal injury) were reported. In the presentation, you will learn more about when, where, how and why these accidents occurred and who was injured. You will also learn more about electric scooter rides in Gothenburg during 2019:  how many trips were made, how long they were in time and distance. The City´s work in order to enhance the positive aspects of the electric scooters and to reduce the negative impacts will also be presented. This includes an agreement with the companies providing electric scooters in Gothenburg, an agreement that among other things involves parking zones and geofencing.
Autoliv activity – protection for riders of e-scooters
Speaker: Jolyon Carroll, Biomechanics Specialist, Autoliv Development
 With a big growth in the number of e-scooters and e-scooter riders, big increases have also been seen in rider injuries. This raises the question of, what can we do about it? How can we protect riders of electric personal mobility devices? There are a few ideas circulating at Autoliv. This talk provides the Autoliv view on the injury problem and some examples for how it might be possible to take rider protection forward in the future.


March 26 (week 13)
This session is hosted by Lotta Jakobsson, Research area director for Human body protection. The talks will be:
- Corina Klug; Guest research at Chalmers from Graz University of Technology – presentation entitled:   “Virtual Testing with Human Body Models”
- Emma Larsson; PhD student at Chalmers – presentation entitled: “The active SAFER-HBM in evasive manoeuvres; prediction of occupant kinematics”

April 2 (week 14)
This session is hosted by Erik Ström Competence network leader for sensors and communication. He will give us an update regarding the latest research within this area. Bengt Arne Sjöqvist, PICTA, will present the development within post crash research and the new projects within Care & rescue.

April 9 (week 15) – Eastern holiday, no seminar

April 16 (week 16)
Fredrik Von Corswant, Infrastructure leader for Revere is hosting this seminar. Annika Larsson, will preliminary give an update regarding Veoneer’s latest research within the human behaviour research area.

April 23 (week 17)
Matteo Rizzi, Trafikverket, will present a short version of Trafikverket’s result conference in which the progress of the road safety in Sweden is presented.

April 20 (week 18) – Valborg, no seminar

May 7 (week 19)
SAFER’s director Magnus Granström is hosting this session (topic to be set).

May 14 (week 20)
This session is hosted by Fredrik Sandblom, Research area director for Systems for accident prevention and automated driving / Competence network leader for Safety assurance.