Marco Dozza went by bike to Italy to support traffic safety awareness about micromobility

Jul, 06 2023

"I wanted to reach out to society and stakeholders to show how research into micromobility can create consensus and improve safety", says Marco Dozza, who took his bicycle for a ride from Gothenburg to Bologna in 16 days.

All in all, 2.5 terabytes of data on micromobility have been collected and through the dissemination of the research results at 8 venues across 4 countries, awareness of traffic safety about micromobility has been raised. The trip, and study, has partly been funded through SAFER's pre-study program.

Marco Dozza is a professor at the Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences and has focused his research on safety related to so-called micromobility. Micromobility refers to small light vehicles that are usually driven in speeds below 25 km per hour, such as bicycles and the one of the big trends throughout recent years: electric scooters.

Marcos Dozza's bike has been equipped with measuring equipment, and during each stage of his trip he has collected research data. In addition to GPS and kinematics, the data collection includes videos from cameras that look around the bike. It also includes data from the bike's so-called CAN bus. CAN buses are used in vehicles so that different control units can communicate with each other. In cars, it can be anti-collision systems, anti-lock brakes and anti-skid systems, and the same features can be implemented in bicycles.

The journey started in Gothenburg on 11 June, and after a stop in Halmstad, he continued through Denmark and Germany, over the Alps, to reach Bologna on 26 June. Marco Dozza has reached out also to people outside the academic world, with the opportunity to make them more aware of the results of road safety research, and in the long run, perhaps made them avoid some crashes in the future. 

We congratulate Marco for his great and challenging achievement!

You can learn more about the project at the project’s website and also see a video of the presentation he gave at the last stop in Bologna here.