Maytheewat Aramrattana – a new SAFER doctor contributing with knowledge in simulation based safety analysis

Maytheewat Aramrattana, a PhD student at VTI and Halmstad University, who has worked in the SAFER-project “VICTIg” (Vehicle ICT Innovation Methodology) since 2014 defended his dissertation “A Simulation-Based Safety Analysis of CACC-Enabled Highway Platooning”, on December 12, 2018.

Over the past five years, Maytheewat Aramrattana has developed a simulation program to test and evaluate intelligent vehicle features, including how people act in traffic situations. The research has been conducted in collaboration between Halmstad University and VTI, with the aim of improving infrastructure and technology.

Maytheewat has contributed to SAFER’s research by:

Testing and evaluation methodology:

- A simulation framework in which human drivers can be involved in the testing and evaluation of C-ITS applications

- Example of a new way of using driving simulator in research

- Integration of existing tools that enables C-ITS research

Development and deployment of platooning:

- Simulation of platooning use cases

- Safety analysis of highway cut-in scenarios involving conventional vehicles

- Better understanding of how other road users perceived platooning

- Collected data

“We are very happy that Maytheewat now has concluded his PhD studies, and he is now since December a full-time employee at VTI. He will continue to do research on traffic safety related to connectivity and automation” says Arne Nåbo, director of Driving simulation and visualization at VTI and also member of the Reference group Systems for accident prevention and automated driving, to which the VICTIg project belongs in SAFER’s portfolio.

Supervisors have been Prof. Tony Larsson Halmstad University, Dr. Jonas Jansson VTI and Dr. Cristofer Englund RISE and Halmstad University.

Read more about Maytheewat’s research in the article (in Swedish) below. 

Maytheewat is defending his PhD thesis successfully on December 12, 2018.

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