New competence network about Materials & Structures starting up

Welcome to join the new Competence network Materials and Structures within SAFER.

The aim of the network, led by Christopher Cameron, RISE is to create a communication forum to discuss technologies, trends, methods, and pressing research questions related to materials and structures in the context of traffic safety. Topics to be included within the network can include materials and sustainability, recyclability and circular material streams, lightweight and multifunctionality in new materials, energy absorption, design methods, and digital tools/methodology to name a few. One goal of the network is that discussions around these topics can act as a catalyst for creating future collaborations and research projects.

We believe that many SAFER partners could benefit from participating in the network, for example by:
•    sharing or receiving news, and new research results about common challenges.
•    keeping track of open calls and enabling collaborative research projects.
•    participating in/hosting expert seminars to spread information and develop knowledge.

In summary, we hope that many of you will see the benefit of sharing your expertise and getting beneficial experience from others in return. The scope of the network is something that we define together, so feel free to come with new ideas!

The kick-off meeting is schedules to January 18, 2021, 13:00-15:00. More information, including a preliminary agenda, will be sent out to those interested in attending in early January.


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