New project will contribute to more useful follow-up and improvement of organisations' traffic safety work

Aug, 22 2023

SAFER's researchers continue to build knowledge about how to effectively create a safer traffic environment through continuous monitoring of organisations' impact on traffic safety. By mapping and following up the accidents and road fatalities, so-called traffic safety footprint, that occur within the organisation's value chain, would more efficient measures be implemented and road crashed can hence be prevented.

The Swedish Transport Administration's Skyltfond is the financier and the project builds on the previous project Traffic Safety Footprint (TRV 2020/105973). In this project, a tool was developed to support organisations in their work to monitor their traffic safety impact. The new project will develop the tool further and make it even more user-friendly, with the aim for organisations to be able to follow up its footprint and thereby actively work to reduce it. Participants include researchers from Lund University, SAFER/Chalmers and Sweco. The tool will consist of three parts:

1) Analyze an organization's traffic safety footprint (current state)

2) Create goals and an action plan to reduce the footprint

3) Follow up on set goals

Initially, the project will begin with a literature study where the researchers will collect input from similar projects, for example the FIA Road Safety Index. A search of the literature will be carried out to ensure that the project is based on international state-of-the-art. Subsequently, a practical and useful method for the inventory, weighted calculation and reporting of the footprint will be developed. To achieve this, the project's three partners will work iteratively in workshops and within their own organsations to progress a method and relevant metrics.

In addition, the project team will conduct an external workshop to ensure that the proposed method is perceived as practical and relevant. The participating organisations will also carry out an inventory of their own traffic safety footprint, based on the tool. The final results will be presented in a seminar, open for all to attend.

The project has a budget of 1MSEK and will preliminary be finalized in May, 2024.