New project will contribute to opportunities for knowledge enhancement and research funding via European platforms

May, 30 2022

Funding has recently been granted for the HEUDRIS project through Drive Sweden's strategic program. The aim of the project is to develop and create opportunities for successful involvement in various activities on the European research and innovation arena, as well as to contribute to increased internationalization.

“We see great value in our continued involvement in European working groups within for example the CCAM Partnership and EARPA to influence and create opportunities for our road safety research. HEUDRIS will contribute to give us even better chances to influence funding opportunities in the future and to take advantage of them”, says Ingrid Skogsmo.

Long-term effects include knowledge building and increased possibilities to seek funding from European platforms, as well as a strengthened image for Swedish actors as attractive partners and thereby stronger competitiveness and business openings. Intensified international connections and the opportunities to build networks are also expected to contribute to new research, development and innovations.

HEUDRIS is a continuation of the successful influential activities carried out in the strategic Drive Sweden project on EU-coordination (see, where several of SAFER's partners have been instrumental. This project, which in turn has its roots in a SAFER project on influencing European policy, was run between 2020-2021. To concretise the work with EU involvement, HEUDRIS focuses on CCAM-related areas, and, where relevant, matters related to other partnerships: DUT (Driving Urban Transformation) and 2Zero; as well as to the Climate Neutral and Smart Cities Mission.

The project aims to create conditions for:

-    Scaling up existing Swedish projects where appropriate
-    Actively participate in and benefit from the CCAM partnership
-    Contribute to roadmaps and other European strategy papers
-    Support and encourage more Swedish parties to participate in EU projects within e.g. mobility, road safety and smart cities

HEUDRIS stands for Horizon Europe and Drive Sweden. Partners are Autoliv, AB Volvo, Chalmers, RISE and Lindholmen Science Park. New partners are welcome to join - contact Ingrid Skogsmo, VTI and senior research advisor in SAFER's Management team, who leads the project. The budget is about 1 MSEK and the project will run between May 2022 until end 2023.