New SAFER associated project: HARMONISE - Safe interaction with different levels of automation

The HARMONISE project addresses the challenges that emerge due to the incremental increase of automated driver support systems that gradually change the role of the driver over time. The aim in this project is to investigate different means to harmonize, simplify, manage and improve the interaction design of technical systems that operate at different levels of automation often in the same vehicle in different situations.

In addition to the already available support systems in cars and trucks, new systems, or software modifications of existing systems, are frequently being introduced. The project will develop and evaluate different concepts, which support the interaction between driver and vehicle in a multi-modal way and develop design requirements based on theoretical and empirical data collected in the project. The work will be theoretically grounded in recent advances within the distributed and embodied cognition approach to understand human action.

SAFER Research area Director for Road user behaviour Tania Dukic Willstand says:
”There is great needs to harmonise the interaction mode between vehicle and drivers. HARMONISE will contribute to fill in this gap and we look forward their accomplishment to continue building upon”

The project budget is about 5 million SEK and SAFER partners involved are RISE, Volvo Cars and Volvo Group. The project will continue until end 2019. Emma Johansson is the project leader emma.johansson [at]

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