New version of the SAFER Data catalogue now out!

Jun, 05 2024

Knowledge of the various datasets in SAFER's network is vital for efficient project work, offering new perspectives on research and enabling the creation of innovative, data-driven projects. To support this, we have created the SAFER Data Catalogue, ensuring SAFER remains a top choice for research groups worldwide. And a new version is now available for partners.

The aim is to create a valuable asset and provide our SAFER partners with information about available datasets for future research and collaboration activities.

"We do not intend to offer the dataset itself, but primarily the information about the content and how to access it”, says Erik Svanberg, the project leader for the initiative.

The datasets are declared by the partner providing the information, who also takes responsibility for the validity. The development and use of the data catalogue will continue in SAFER’s research areas and future updates of the catalogue will be made continuously.

SAFER partners have provided input on 18 datasets:
  • SAFER: UDRIVE, euroFOT, Drive C2X, L3Pilot, FOT-E
  • Volvo Highway dataset, Zenseact Open Dataset, SMIRK
  • Viscando: Trajectory data from mounted cameras
  • Asymptotic: PREPER
  • Lund University: InDev
  • The Swedish Transport Administration: NAP, Lastkajen, NVDB, STRI / DATEX II
  • iGLAD: Accident database
  • The Swedish Transport Agency: STRADA accident database
  • University of Gothenburg: DARTER
  • If: PAV
The SAFER Data catalogue can be accessed via SAFER Inside, for all partners.