Occupant status monitoring – a new element in the Euro NCAP rating program

Anders Lie from the Swedish Transport Adminstration will give a Special session "Occupant status monitoring – a new element in the Euro NCAP rating program" at the upcoming International Conference on Driver Distraction and Inattention in October.

Driver distraction fatigue, impairments and sudden sickness together generate significant road traffic safety problems. Modern detection technologies and vehicle safety systems have possibilities to diminish this burden. There are challenges in detecting different kind of impairment. Euro NCAP is proposing the following definition: Impaired driving – A driver who is disconnected from the driving task or not in a physical state that is sufficient for safe driving. There are possibilities both in getting the driver back into a safe driving and in preparing the cars to manage the lower capabilities of the driver. In this presentation the background for Euro NCAP’s activities are given together with some hints from the work in progress. A first rating protocol is planned for release in 2019 to get into the rating program as of 2020.

The aim is further to identify research needs and to inspire and stimulate thoughts on how research efforts can be guided towards the need identified for assessment of impaired driving and the protection of impaired drivers.

The special session is scheduled on Tuesday October 16, 2018 at 09:45. Welcome!


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