Presentations from the traffic safety seminar in Tylösand

On 4-5 September, the annual Tylösand Seminar was conducted - focusing on improving traffic safety in Sweden. SAFER was present at the event with several researchers who presented their work and shared their knowledge.

“The seminar in Tylösand was inspiring, and important," says Magnus Granström, SAFER's director.
“Spreading knowledge is one of our cornerstones, and in Tylösand we had opportunities for creative dialogues, knowledge exchange and discussion of continued development of traffic safety in Sweden. It's pleasing that several of SAFER's partners presented at the seminar”, Magnus says.

The presentations from the event can be reached on the link below. SAFER contributed with presentations from e.g. Magnus Granström, Matteo Rizzi, Maria Krafft and MariAnne Karlsson.


Magnus Granström
Magnus Granström presented how injuries can be prevented with optimised care after a traffic accident.

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