Progress within post-crash research: new project funded from Vinnova

The project TEAPaN, ‘Traffic Event Assessment, Prioritizing and Notification’, has received funding of SEK 5 million from Vinnova for a period of two years. In total, the project partners will contribute an equal amount. The purpose is to establish an IT structure that, in a coordinated way, is able to connect various eCall solutions with the society's rescue resources so that they are prioritized correctly, and the effort is optimized based on what actually has happened. Among the partners are Volvo Car Group, Consat, Detecht, SOS International, VTI and VGR.

“After several attempts, it is very gratifying that we finally have succeeded in landing this project”, says Bengt Arne Sjöqvist at E2, Programme manager at Prehospital ICT Arena, PICTA. “TEAPaN is a continuation of the project Via Appia, that was initiated within SAFER 2014/2015.”

SAFER's is engaged in the post-crash research within PICTA and the project will be placed in their portfolio.

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