SAFER announces new initiative: Pre-study about a National Traffic Safety Conference to drive collaboration and innovation

Jan, 29 2024

Recognising a need to advance collaboration and innovation in traffic safety, SAFER is starting up a pre-study to look into opportunities to host a national traffic safety conference in Sweden. This initiative aims to unite stakeholders from various sectors, working collectively to reduce traffic accidents and promote safety across the nation.

The decision to look into the possibility to organise a conference of this kind stems from the absence of the previous Tylösand seminar's networking format and the continued digital format of the Swedish Transport Administration's annual Result Conference post-pandemic. SAFER envisions this conference as a unique gathering opportunity that has been missing in Sweden, and to lay the foundation for its success, a pre-study will be conducted.

The envisioned national conference in Sweden serves multiple pivotal purposes:

  • Knowledge Sharing: Facilitate the exchange of expertise and best practices among traffic safety stakeholders, including authorities, researchers, businesses, and NGOs.
  •  Collaboration: Serve as a platform for coordinating efforts and strategies to enhance traffic safety and establish a secure traffic environment, especially vital as the entire transport system transitions toward sustainability.
  • Awareness and education: Elevate awareness about traffic safety issues and offer educational opportunities for professionals in the field.
  • Networking and relationship building: Create avenues for forging crucial relationships across various industries and organizations, fostering potential future projects and valuable collaborations.
  • Policy discussion: Provide a forum to discuss and shape traffic safety policies and legislation.
  • Innovation and technology: Promote dialogues around emerging technologies and innovations that can contribute to enhancing traffic safety.


The pre-study will start in April and end in September. Skyltfonden in funding the initiative.