Jun, 27 2024

SAFER is excited to announce the launch of a new partner project aimed at changing the way requirements knowledge is built for safe perception systems. The project, titled "Facilitating Multi-Party Engineering of Requirements" (FAMER), will introduce innovative concepts, models, and techniques to tackle the complex challenges of developing requirements in a systems-of-systems context.

Traffic Safety Focus
SAFER partners’ involvement in the FAMER project is crucial for advancing the safety of AI-based perception systems, which are integral to the future of automated vehicles. By ensuring that requirements are agreed upon across organisational boundaries, FAMER will significantly enhance the reliability and safety of these systems. This project directly supports SAFER's mission to improve traffic safety through innovative research and solutions, aiming to reduce accidents and save lives on the roads.

FAMER's emphasis on collaborative and iterative development across multiple disciplines and organisations is designed to address the inherent complexities of modern automotive systems. Through this collaborative approach, FAMER seeks to develop robust, safety-critical requirements that can be consistently met, ensuring the deployment of reliable AI-driven perception systems in vehicles.

This initiative highlights SAFER partners’ commitment to fostering advancements in traffic safety, particularly as the industry moves towards increasingly automated and intelligent vehicle technologies. By addressing the foundational aspects of system requirements, FAMER will contribute to safer roads and enhanced public confidence in emerging automotive technologies.

Project Overview
FAMER focuses on the iterative and collaborative nature of systems engineering, bringing together multiple organizations and disciplines. The project aims to address the complexity of systems under construction by fostering effective collaboration among various parties involved. These partners cover a significant segment of the automotive supply chain, enabling applied research in close cooperation with industry leaders.

  • Duration: September 1, 2023, to August 31, 2026
  • Financer: VINNOVA FFI
  • Total project budget: Appr 14 msek 
  • Partners: RISE, University of Gothenburg, Volvo Cars, Zenseact, Kognic (non SAFER part)
  • Coordinator: Eric Knauss, University of Gothenburg

Key elements of plan

1. Domain description and system reference architecture: Develop a comprehensive framework to guide the construction and integration of complex systems.

2. Information model: Create a robust model to manage and streamline the development of requirements knowledge across different parties and disciplines.

3. Integration demonstration: Show how multi-party agile work can be effectively integrated to enhance collaboration and efficiency.

Research and Impact
A newly hired postdoctoral researcher, Hina Saeeda, will play a crucial role in consolidating research efforts across all partners, ensuring that the project's objectives are met and its findings are effectively disseminated.

The FAMER project is poised to make significant contributions to traffic safety by improving the ability to agree on and manage requirements across multiple parties. This is particularly vital as the world moves towards a future increasingly dependent on automated vehicle technology.

The SAFER platform will be responsible for disseminating and discussing the project's results beyond the project consortium. This includes sharing findings with a broader audience and fostering discussions on the implications of the research.