SAFER continues to develop the IGLAD database together with partners for improved road safety

IGLAD (Initiative For The Global Harmonisation Of Accident Data) will continue for another three years. It is the fourth phase of building up a global database with comparable accident data, a key tool for a global approach to improved road safety.

IGLAD is an initiative for harmonisation of global in-depth traffic accident data to improve road and vehicle safety. The database, containing accident data according to a standardised data scheme that enables comparison between datasets from different countries, is every year extended with around 900-1000 cases. The initiative was initiated in 2010 and the first phase of the project was funded by the European Automobile Manufacturer's Association (ACEA). The second phase started 2014 and the third in 2017.

Now, the consortium has agreed to continue the project during a fourth phase, between 2020 and 2022. In addition, SAFER has been re-elected as administrator for the project. The benefits for SAFER in participating in the initiative are the access to the accident data on a global scale and the network with the 22 member organisations from all around the world. Swedish partners in the consortium are Autoliv, Volvo Cars and Chalmers. Two new partners, Volvo Group and Japanese ITARDA are about to join.

Ines Heinig
Ines Heinig, Administrator for IGLAD.

Ines Heinig, project coordinator for IGLAD, comments on the prolonged agreement:
“It is a great value for us at SAFER to have access to global accident data because accident types, road user behavior and infrastructure are so incredibly different in various parts of the world. The project is very stimulating, not least because we are also building a strong network of knowledgeable partners in which we share information about road safety”.

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IGLAD data providers
The data providers within IGLAD.

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