SAFER expands with 6 new partners and members

There are now 36 companies, institutes and academic institutions that work together for a safer traffic environment under the SAFER umbrella. New in the family are Scania, Veoneer, Aptiv, HiMinds, Jönköping University and Smart Eye. Scania and Veoneer join the collaboration platform as research partners and the other four as members *.

“Amazingly fun we expand”, says SAFER's Director Magnus Granström. “The new companies and organisations are warmly welcomed into our community. They have knowledge and skills that can further strengthen our contribution to sustainable mobility and further broaden our research base”.

Scania is a well-known heavy-duty vehicle manufacturer and Veoneer is the new spin-off company from Autoliv that will focus on active safety systems. Reimert Sjöblom from Scania tells about their expected contribution to SAFER:
“Our aim is to be a driving partner in reducing traffic injuries and fatalaties through research and development”.

Veoneer intends to contribute with knowledge in automation and active safety systems.
“Our Expected benefit of partnership in SAFER is continuation of the successful research collaboration in in the past under the name of Autoliv", Ola Boström from Veoneer says.
“That is e.g. regarding active and autonomous automotive safety. The passive safety research stays with the company Autoliv”.

The four new members are:
• Aptiv – global tech company that develops safety and connectivity technology to the automotive industry.
• HiMinds - professional services company that specialises in software development in projects that utilize embedded systems, smartphones and the cloud. Focus is innovation and efficient product development in the field of Internet Of Things.
• Jönköping University – School of Engineering is one of four schools that has research focus targeted at Industrial Product Realisation in cooperation. Research areas relevant to SAFER are Materials and Manufacturing, Product Development, and Computer Science and Informatics.
 Smart Eye – global, but anchored locally, supplier of eye-tracking systems to the automotive industry for development of active safety systems.

* As a member of SAFER, you participate in various activities, but you are not actively involved in deciding the SAFER research agenda, as our research partners do.


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