SAFER grants three new pre-studies for a safer traffic environment

Nov, 22 2023

In the latest SAFER funding call for pre-studies three proposals have been accepted that will contribute to a safer traffic environment:

EDR‐V Feasibility (EDRVf)

  • Collaborators: Chalmers and Autoliv
  • Objective: Assess the feasibility of using already collected data from Event Data Recorders with video (EDR‐V or DashCams).
  • Expected results: Report on EDR‐V possibilities and constraints, potential for future projects and an inventory of tools working with EDR‐Vs.

Safety Performances of Instrumented Micro-Mobility Modes by Leveraging Microscopic Driving Behavior Data

  • Collaborators: VTI, Halmstad University, VOI
  • Objective: Develop a comprehensive metric for evaluating the safety performance of micro-mobility modes on a route level.
  • Expected results: Measurable safety assessment metrics, a comprehensive metric for route-level safety evaluation, and demonstration of safety performance using sample data.


REMOSAFE: REMOte Operator State Monitoring for Traffic SAFEty

  • Collaborators: RISE, Smart Eye, Einride, AstaZero, CDE (extern)
  • Objective: Explore the intersection of driver monitoring and remote operation, investigating how Driver Monitoring Systems and Cabin Monitoring Systems can enhance traffic safety in future remote operator work.
  • Expected results: Development of a "Swedish remote operation cluster," insights into remote operator monitoring needs, conceptual and technical feasibility of RMS, and a draft proposal for a larger project.

SAFER's pre-study program has been established as a successful tool for boosting project generation and collaborations. Since its start in 2019 34 out of 54 project proposals have been granted. Each project has been funded with a maximum of 100 kSEK, and the in-kind contributions from participating parties have been equally substantial. SAFER will continue to invest in new ideas in phase 6 within the Idea Exploration Program. Stay tuned!