SAFER is hosting workshop on Transportforum 2020: Ensure safety in future mobility - prospects, trends, and technology

In February 2020, Sweden will host the 3rd Ministerial Conference on Road Safety - Achieving Global Goals. Prior to the conference, an academic expert group has prepared nine recommendations to help us achieve the global road safety objectives together. This workshop is based on recommendation number nine, which is about taking advantage of technology development and its potential to contribute to road safety. Sensors, a connected transport system and artificial intelligence are mentioned as examples. The expert group recommends that the development and application of existing and future technology are encouraged and contribute to road safety improvements.

Swedish actors have developed a large number of safety innovations and system applications, which today are considered standard and have reached a broad number of international applications. Often, these results from a shared commitment to common goals, linked to a system vision in collaboration.

So, how can we best take advantage of change and the development that is going on until 2030 to reach a road-safe society? This matter is highlighted in this workshop where invited panelists in conversation form initiate with an overview of technology trends we see today, and how road safety aspects will enter future mobility. Examples are given of knowledge needs to realize expectations and hopes for connection, automation and artificial intelligence.


Welcome and introduction to the 9 recommendations to the 3rd ministerial conference to help us achieve the global road safety objectives together

Presentation of the panel, 2-3 questions are discussed:
- What is going on, what will happen until 2030 that may have bearing on road transport, mobility and safety?
The Swedish Transport Administration: Per-Olof Svensk
Drive Sweden: Sofie Vennersten

- What do we need to know more about to reach Agenda 2030? What do we need to explore?
Volvo Group: Peter Kronberg
Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute: Jonas Jansson

Collaboration, research, innovation as facilitator - Joakim Tiséus, Vinnova

Discussion - panel & workshop participant interaction, Q&A

- How do we work together to make relevant, new solutions, which really contribute to increased road safety, reach the market and are attractive to use?
- Connected, automated vehicles, artificial intelligence - how to seize opportunities to address the recommendations?
- Which countries should we look at?

Summing up and closing the workshop


The workshop is scheduled January 8, 2019 between 17:15-18:30 in Operan, Konsert & Kongress and will be held in Swedish.


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