SAFER launches Research Council for enhanced collaboration in road safety

Dec, 21 2023

Embarking on its sixth phase in January, SAFER introduces a new organisational structure including the establishment of a Research Council. The purpose is to further enhance facilitation of the collaboration platform with its mission to save lives in traffic by bring people together, conduct research and leverage knowledge to enable safe sustainable mobility. The SAFER Research Council comprises representatives from SAFER’s eight core partners, contributing with their expertise and experience, as well as an invaluable network.

Magnus Granström, Director of SAFER, reflects on the significance of the newly established Research Council:

"Our Research Council replaces the former Management team and Scientific Council, with the overarching aim of enhancing our ability to strategically navigate our activities and support our partners research needs. This ensures that we, in the most effective manner possible, address the challenges society faces in the field of traffic safety."

The permanent members of the team consist of representatives from the SAFER Core partners:

  • Autoliv: Nils Lübbe                                       
  • Chalmers: Jonas Bärgman                                                     
  • Lund University: Carmelo D'Agostino     
  • RISE: Martin Sanfridson                             
  • The Swedish transport administration: Hanna Wennberg
  • VTI: Anna Sjörs Dahlman
  • Volvo Cars: Mikael Ljung Aust                                              
  • Volvo Group: Katrin Sjöberg                                                  

This team convenes regularly with a shared mission to:

  • Managing portfolio: Hosting our research agenda and project portfolio, including decisions regarding the suitability of projects for inclusion in the portfolio.
  • Facilitating activities and advancing research: Initiates various activities tasks to advance the SAFER research agenda, including SAFER’s facilitation toolbox.
  • Monitoring projects: Monitors new projects that are related for our partners to pick up knowledge from, including a list of granted FFI/EU/other projects and feedback from working groups within the SAFER network.
  • System perspective: Ensures a systemic perspective is applied to the projects and their outcomes where suitable.
  • Knowledge dissemination: Plans and organizes (supported by the operational team) relevant activities to extract insights from projects within the portfolio and disseminate the generated knowledge, including to identified stakeholders beyond SAFER.
  • Working group leadership: Serves as the steering group for the working groups.
  • Idea Exploration program: Holds responsibility for the SAFER Idea Exploration Program, including reviewing the proposal, preparing for decision by the SAFER Board.
  • Grant opportunities: Scouting the horizon for funding opportunities.
  • Expert Contributions: The Impact Area Leads participate in the group as scientific/technical experts within their respective fields, contributing value to SAFER's facilitation process.

We extend a warm welcome to all our new members who will play integral roles in shaping the future of traffic safety research at SAFER!