SAFER is leading a new project to accelerate the implementation of autonomous vehicles and digitized transports

SAFER Vehicle and Traffic Safety Center has been granted funds from Vinnova for a new important project - Drive Sweden Test Site Automated Highway III. It is the third project in a line of projects aiming at creating test beds for the development, evaluation and demonstration of autonomous and digitized transports, focusing on rural roads and highways.

The project will help improve visibility and coordination between actors and between projects that demonstrate and test autonomous regional and long-distance transport of goods and people. The project will also update the vision and target for remote and regional autonomous transports and help increase the number of activities in the field, support knowledge building and knowledge dissemination, and help implementation of infrastructure for automated vehicles.

Mapping of activities and support to move on
A working group of representatives from industry, society and academy is working to define what activities should be focused, what infrastructure is needed and what can be demonstrated. The members of the group will map which actors that are involved in different demonstration and test projects and try to stimulate and assist different actors in their projects, for example by coordinating applications and pre-studies. Creating interest and spreading knowledge are also important parts of the project, as well as the development of roadmaps in the area.

Engaged SAFER partners
The project will be run until 31 October 2018. Vinnova is the financier and three SAFER partners are involved in the project; Chalmers, Volvo Trucks and Autoliv. Also Scania, Ericsson and PostNord participates in the work. The project is an important part of SAFER's project portfolio for implementation of automated driving.

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