SAFER presented the necessity of collaboration at the Join Sweden Summit

Jun, 21 2022

Join Sweden Summit 2022 is an international high-level event promoting strategic, direct foreign investments and expansions in Sweden. The Summit brought together leaders and gamechangers from academia, politics, industry, and innovative environments to explore Sweden's investment potential and opportunities to pioneer the possible. Swedish manufacturers, technology providers, and researchers are at the forefront of co-creating smart mobility solutions that will pave the way for safer, more efficient and fossil fuel-free transport of people and goods. The forum explored how international companies can leverage Sweden’s abundant dynamic automotive clusters, incubators and test beds, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, tech start-ups, and academia.

Magnus Granström
Magnus Granström, SAFER Director participated in the session “Safe, sustainable and automated transport”.

Magnus Granström, SAFER's Director, participated in the session “Safe, sustainable and automated transport” and discussed the need for collaborative research and other activities together with Matts-Åke Belin, WHO and Johan Amoruso Wennerby, Volvo Cars. We welcomed 175 international guests from 18 countries representing 125 international companies! And we had over 1,000 digital participants from around the world listening to when we presented the core elements in creating a safe and sustainable transport system.