The SAFER Stage 5 report has been published!

Mar, 08 2024

SAFER's complete report for its fifth phase has now been launched. The report is a summary of the activities and research carried out within the research center between April 1st 2019 and December 31st 2023.

A standout achievement during this stage has been our pre-study program. All in all, we received close to 60 ideas for collaborative research, out of which we financed and executed as many as 34 projects. These initiatives have not only borne fruit for the partners involved and SAFER as a plaform, but have also paved the way for follow-up initiatives. A substantial amount of these studies evolved into larger projects, funded by financiers such as e.g. Vinnova.

Driving progress
Equally important are the insights and research contributions from our partners. Together, we've made significant progress in areas such as vehicle automation, road user behavior, and modeling human behavior as well as the human body. Additionally, our focus on data collection, analysis, and sharing frameworks has proven particularly valuable for our partners. In total, research insights have been generated from about 170 ongoing projects in SAFER’s portfolio.

Traffic safety’s role in the sustainability agenda
During this half decade, we have witnessed a growing recognition of the integral role of traffic safety in the transition towards a truly sustainable transport system. As society undergoes a profound transformation, our mission remains steadfast: to ensure that future mobility solutions prioritise safety, ensuring sustainability from all perspectives.

While traffic fatalities have not decreased as significantly as we hoped over the past decade, a notable achievement has been the recognition of traffic safety on par with other societal challenges. Traffic safety has now been aligned with other pressing global issues, securing its position within the UN's global sustainable development goals. The endorsement of the inaugural UN resolution on road safety provides a robust foundation for our current and future initiatives.

Adapting to change and digital spin
The COVID-19 pandemic introduced exceptional challenges, yet it also provided a unique dimension to our collaboration. Demonstrating resilience and adaptability, we leveraged digital tools to maintain and even enhance our collaborative efforts. This digital spin led to a remarkable 50% increase in participation from partner organisations and also the welcoming of 10 new partners. While digital engagement proved invaluable during these very special times, SAFER remains determined in its belief in the irreplaceable value of face-to-face interactions. As we move forward, we recognise that in-person engagements are paramount for trust-building and nurturing long-term relationships among partners.

Cultivating creativity and amplifying voices
Having said that, our dedication to networking remains strong. We have organised numerous events and workshops, including SAFER's appreciated breakfast and lunch sessions, to encourage collaboration and spark new ideas. Overall, we have hosted more than 350 learning and co-creation activities for our partners during these 5 years, promoting regular interactions with researchers and specialists from different disciplines, a focus we will maintain in our next phase.

Furthermore, our influence on shaping future research and innovation programs remains profound. Through our co-creation methodology and facilitation know-how, we have generated several project proposals that have secured funding within EU's framework programs. This alignment also underscores SAFER's value proposition, amplifying our partners' voices and reaching out to key societal stakeholders and decision-makers.

Setting sail for the next stage
As we approached the end of this stage, our focus has increasingly shifted towards setting the strategy and shaping our next phase. In January 2024, we commenced a renewed collaboration agreement with over 40 partners, signalling our collective determination and shared vision to save lives in traffic. Our research agenda remains robust and aligned, positioning us to make significant contributions towards a road transport system safe for all.

With this report, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive and inspiring overview of our research findings during this five-year period. We invite you to delve deeper, explore our achievements, and witness the collaborative spirit, innovation, and passion that define SAFER. As you navigate through these pages, we hope you find inspiration in our journey and join us in celebrating the collective steps we have made towards safe mobility.

Happy reading!