SAFER welcomes five new research partners to create a safe mobility system

As many as five new partners are welcomed into SAFER's unique research community; Aptiv, AstaZero, Jönköping University, Smart Eye and Zenuity. Together, they will participate with other partners in projects and knowledge building to contribute to the research that will form the basis for a future sustainable and safe traffic system.

SAFERs director Magnus Granström says:
“Of course, we are very happy and proud that five partners are choosing to step in and contribute to our joint research. The partners are all very successful in their respective fields and their knowledge will be important pieces of the puzzle to meet our common vision at SAFER that all road users should travel safely in the road transport system”.

Aptiv – knowledge in all parts of active safety and automated driving system
Aptiv is a major global Tier1 in the areas of active safety, automated driving, connectivity and electrical architecture. They perform advance product development in Gothenburg and the local representation is strong. A partnership with Aptiv provides SAFER with an opportunity for testing and in-vehicle demonstrations of our joint research. The company has extensive expertise about e.g. AD, ADAS, sensors, sensor development, perception systems and data collection that will contribute to our common knowledge building within these areas. Aptiv's proactive work on safety for two-wheelers is an interesting future area for collaboration.

AstaZero – a unique test facility
AstaZero has a globally recognized competence in the area of test and verification of active safety, autonomous and connected systems and takes part in several research projects both on national Swedish and European level. AstaZero serves as a research and development infrastructure for both the automotive cluster, including both well-established industry and start-ups, both Swedish and foreign. A close collaboration with institutes and academia is also present through collaboration projects and here SAFER is an important platform focusing on joint challenges within traffic safety. Their knowledge about test methods and verification – which are core in SAFER’s research agenda - is extensive and the link to our research projects at Revere also add value.

Jönköping University – broad range of knowledge within AI, biomechanics and data management
Jönköping University has extensive knowledge in the area of health, technology, biomechanics and ergonomics and will bring value to the human body protection research area. There are several related research interests; e.g. biomechanics, understanding of injuries and modeling, which is very valuable for how people move and sitting postures in future vehicles. Advanced and optimized cast metal components for safety applications and artificial intelligence both in terms of development and implementation, driver-less vehicles and drivers’ behaviours are other areas of common interest. The knowledge the university has within data analysis and data management are also excellent for developing this expertise further in the research area Safety performance evaluation.

Smart Eye - a world-leading manufacturer of head and eye-tracking
Smart Eye is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of head and eye-tracking software and hardware for research purpose. The company is also supplier of eye and head tracking embedded software library for Tier1s and develops interior sensing functions. Driver state, sensor development, human machine interaction related to AD/ADAS are important areas of competence that will contribute to SAFERs common research. Smart Eye’s eye tracking system is a tool for real-world, real-time conditions that can be used in various projects and will be of value for SAFER’s activities.

Zenuity – safety assurance of automation
Zenuity started with a heritage from its parent companies Volvo Cars and Autoliv, having focused on traffic safety and ADAS/AD development for decades. The company has the capability to deliver a complete software stack that encompasses algorithms for computer vision, sensor fusion, decision making and vehicle control, but also applications that run in the cloud.  Zenuity will collaborate with SAFER partners on research topics that are strategically important for traffic automation and active safety technology. Current examples include methodology related to functional safety and safety assurance, and also knowledge about human factors in the transition from manual to automated driving.

Magnus Granström, SAFER's director welcomes the 5 new partners into the research community.

“We welcome all the new partners into the research community and are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation”, Magnus ends.

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