SAFER will lead a sub-group to support project creation and knowledge building within traffic safety in the AI driven mobility project

AI brings an enormous potential to enable new products and services, to make existing processes more efficient. AI therefore drives societal solutions and competitiveness for companies and organizations embracing the opportunities. The project AI driven mobility is one dedicated component to accelerate the Swedish mobility ecosystem in this direction. 

By bringing organizations representing societal challenges and needs, private companies within the mobility sector and AI experts and evangelists together, AI driven mobility has a great potential in identifying feasible new products, services and processes and making existing processes more efficient. AI driven mobility will be developed in close collaboration with partners representing key actors from all parts of society and will be lead by a joint leadership between Drive Sweden and AI Sweden.

Within the project, a group of actors has identified a common interest in continuing to explore AI as a tool to improve road safety and SAFER will lead this group with the mission to find common needs for new initiatives.

Malin Levin
Malin Levin, SAFER

“In 2020, we initiated major strategic work within SAFER to investigate how AI could be used to improve our road safety research. We found many possible applications and by also participating in the AI driven mobility project, we see further opportunities to create activities through additional organisations that can contribute to real societal benefits”, says Malin Levin, deputy director at SAFER.

Overall scope of work of the complete project is to:

1. Set up a network of organizations and individuals who can drive concrete change with a focus on AI as an enabler of sustainable mobility 
2. Increase knowledge and awareness of AI and its potential for the mobility sector 
3. Based on common challenges, identifiy at least five concrete solutions that would benefit society and citizens that can be realized within 3 years 
4. Start up at least three projects that aim to develop these concrete solutions 
5. Identify at least five long-term opportunities and if possible quantified, as if they were realized would provide great value for society and citizens, as well as they would drive Swedish industry's competitiveness 
6. Define a long-term plan for the future, including financing, actors, etc.

The project will be ongoing until December 2021 and more information is available here:

Project partners
AFRY, AI Sweden, Chalmers/SAFER, CLOSER, DOKIV, Drive Sweden, Ericsson, Kista Science City, Malmö University, Nordvästra Skånes Renhållnings AB (NSR), Polestar Performance, Region Jönköpings län, Region Örebro län, Swedish Maritime Administration, Swedish Transport Administration, University of Borås through Centre for Digitalisation, UniqueSec, Univrses, Viscando, AB Volvo, VTI, Region Västra Götaland, Zenseact, City of Örebro

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