SAFER's infrastructure AstaZero builds a new road and enables more advance testing of future safety systems

Recently, the first dig in the ground was taken for a new road stretch at AstaZero - one of the world's most advanced proving grounds for testing of active safety systems.

The goal is to offer more opportunities for testing of self-driving vehicles and other future safety systems that can help avoid accidents during driving in lanes with markings, such as systems like lane keeping aid and lane departure warning. The project will result in two parallel straight stretches, in total 700 meters. Where these are as broadest, eight vehicles can fit in width. The stretches are interconnected with two so-called reversal loops at both ends. There will also be a built-in intersection for further testing opportunities.

Håkan Andersson, AstaZero
Håkan Andersson, Proving ground manager AstaZero

The building of the new road is expected to be completed in the summer of 2018 and is a valuable contribution to the vehicle and traffic safety research at SAFER.

AstaZero new road - map
AstaZero's new road

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