SAFER's New Working Groups

Dec, 01 2023

SAFER’s next stage is approaching, starting in January 2024, and we are looking forward to the continuation of our collaboration!

We have a new concept to introduce, our thematic working groups, open for all partners to engage in and contribute to, to build the multidisciplinary traffic safety knowledge you are looking for in SAFER. These teams will replace our current reference groups and competence networks and will be more dynamic and result oriented. The teams will be the main forum for idea generation, co-creation, knowledge-building and project development, with focused discussions on research and innovation themes. These groups are however not just about discussions; they are about making things happen.

We are starting up with 11 thematic teams to co-create with, and we welcome more if you have other needs you would like to address through the SAFER platform.

  1. Alternative fuel powertrain safety
  2. Connected safety
  3. Long-term impairments from injuries in traffic environment
  4. Post crash (in collaboration with PICTA)
  5. Road accident statistics
  6. Road user behaviour
  7. Safe infrastructure
  8. Safety of automated driving systems
  9. Safety of complex systems and emerging technologies
  10. Tools for crash assessment
  11. Traffic safety footprint

You register for the groups here (open for SAFER partners only)!