Schedule for the SAFER Thursday lunch seminars during the autumn is set

Jun, 12 2023

We are happy to announce that we have the seminar schedule ready for our appreciated SAFER Thursday lunch seminar for the autumn set!

We will continue with the current concept; all our partners are very welcome to participate in a networking lunch, starting 11:30 onsite at SAFER, and then we start up the seminar in hybrid form between 12:00- 12:45, including dialogue. The overall purposes with the seminars are to share knowledge about our research and other interesting topics related to road safety and networking within the community. We aim for inspiration to create new projects and boost dialogue and collaboration in our network.

We kick off the seminars with dialogue about Volvo Groups recently launched safety report August 31, and we will also discuss ethics related to self-driving vehicles and learn about the results from several SAFER pre-studies and other ongoing projects from the portfolio, e.g. Re-engage, AfroSafe, SITIS and ADAS I and II. Also, we will learn from traffic safety advancement in Finland and get an update from the Swedish national centre for cycling.

SAFER researchers that are included in our contact list will get personal invitations to the seminars. You do not have to sign up to the event if you attend online, but registration to the lunch is needed. If you are a SAFER partner but not currently active in the network and would like to join the community, please contact Sophia Guerra Ekesand ( to be added to the invitation list.

We are looking forward to seeing our partners here at the SAFER, including at the networking lunch, and of course also online for those of you can’t make it to the office.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn and network, a warm welcome to our seminar series, beginning August 31st !

Preliminary agenda

Aug 31 (week 35): Volvo Group Safety Report, Anna Theander, Volvo

Sep 7 (week 36): SAFER Pre-study Micromobility Safety Tour, Marco Dozza, Chalmers University

Sep 14 (week 37): SAFER Pre-study study DARTER, Beatriz Cabrero-Daniel, Gothenburg University

Sep 21 (week 38): No seminar

Sep 28 (week 39): The Afrosafe project, Aliaksei Laureshyn, Lund University

Oct 5 (week 40): Enhanced ADAS I & II, Daban Rizgary & Niklas Strand, RISE

Oct 12 (week 41): No seminar

Oct 19 (week 42); Re-engage, Jonas Andersson et al, RISE

Oct 28 (week 43): Outlook Finland, Mia Nyholm, Trafikskyddet Finland

Nov 2 (week 44): Autumn break, no seminar

Nov 9 (week 45): SAFER Pre-study: DISC, Paul Hemeren, University of Skövde

Nov 16 (week 46): The SITIS project, John-Fredrik Grönvall, SAFER

Nov 23 (week 47): Update from cykelcentrum, Anna Niska & Jones Karlström, VTI/Cykelcentrum

Nov 30 (week 48): Etics for self-driving vehicles, Lars Lindblom, University of Linköping

Dec 7 (week 49): TBD