SCREENS II for safer and healthier multimodal driver environments

Dec, 14 2023

SCREENS II for safer and healthier multimodal driver environments

We are happy to announce a new project in the portfolio: SCREENS II with the full title Safe chauffeurs in safe and healthy multimodal driver information environments.

The Screens II project aims to improve traffic safety by addressing the challenges posed by increased automation in the driver’s environment. It will achieve this by developing methodology and evaluation platform for user studies, increasing knowledge of the impact of digitization on traffic safety, and developing measurement and evaluation methods to improve the understanding of new digital driver environments. Additionally, the project will provide recommendations for the design of Human Machine Interaction (HMI) and physical parameters of displays and user interfaces to improve the safety, health, and comfort of the driver. The project includes innovative technology such as an Augmented Reality Head-Up Displays, eye-tracking control of HMI, and methods to understand how digitization affects perception, cognition, HMI, and traffic safety. The primary beneficiaries of the project are the automotive industry, drivers, and other road users.

The project is linked to SAFER’s research area Road user behavour, focusing on scientific methods and tools to establish the prerequisites for safe driving. It delves into crucial aspects such as driver support, driver behavior, and Human-Machine Interaction (HMI), aligning with SAFER's research scope.

Led by Kjell Brunnström from RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, the project includes a collaborative team with partners from RISE, Scania, Smart Eye, Volvo Cars and Volvo Technology. Two PhD students, Daban Rizgary (RISE, Halmstad University) and Shirin Rafiei (RISE, Mid Sweden University), are actively contributing to the project's objectives. With a budget of 32,596,900 SEK, the project aims to deliver results by August 2026. Co-funded by Vinnova/FFI, the projects aim to advancing research in driving safety.