Strong Swedish engagement in large European project

A new project within the framework of Horizon 2020 has been approved, Hi-Drive. Several of SAFER's partners participate and SAFER takes an active role in the project through data collection, analysis and data management.

"It is very positive that the Hi-Drive project has been approved", says Magnus Granström, SAFER’s director.
"The project will enable us to find answers to many important research questions to help automated vehicles to be implemented on a larger scale and thereby contribute to societal benefits. Hi-drive builds on the ongoing project L3Pilot, which is one of our current largest projects, engaging several SAFER-partners and contributing with valuable knowledge in the field".

Hi-Drive will test and demonstrate High automation driving by taking intelligent vehicles technology to conditions neither extensively tested nor demonstrated earlier in European and overseas traffic. We will test and show the functionality of High automation in variable conditions and driving cultures across Europe from south to arctic free from an earlier, very narrow operational design domain (ODD) characteristic to SAE L2-L3 automation. The project concept builds on an extended and continuous ODD making it possible to operate vehicles longer periods compared to the-state-of-the-art and stay interoperable across borders and brands. Testing will cover almost 30 use cases ensuring the capability of automation is going beyond what is shown today.

A consortium of 41 European partners with a wide range of capabilities and interests will cover through large-scale testing the main impact areas from user, transport system to societal impacts. The project enables the industry to proceed towards market deployment of automated systems by 2030. All this cannot be achieved by testing only. Equally important is to engage in outreach activities on standardization, business innovation as well as networking with the infrastructure owners, mobile operators, legislators, cities – and promote collaboration in Europe and overseas. The project will last for 48 months.

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