Svanberg & Svanberg - new member of SAFER that contributes with expertise in naturalistic driving data

SAFER has received another new member of the network, Svanberg & Svanberg, a micro-SME with expertise in IT, data handling and analysis, mainly within the automotive industry and traffic safety research.

The company has many years of experience in data management in field operational tests and naturalistic driving projects. The company has contributed to the development of SAFER's naturalistic driving databases and tools.
“We want to strengthen and further develop SAFER's leading position in real-world vehicle and traffic safety research. Our key contribution to the research platform will be data management and supporting analysis of vehicle data, including personal and IP-protected data”, Erik Svanberg says.

The company will also be able to contribute with expertise in designing project applications within the research area when complex data handling is foreseen. To further develop SAFER's Naturalistic Driving Data platform in order to accommodate specific requirements from automated driving projects will also be a valuable contribution from Svanberg & Svanberg.

SAFER’s Director Magnus Granström says:
“We welcome Svanberg & Svanberg to SAFER. The SAFER Naturalistic Driving Data platform is a secure, world-class infrastructure for vehicle and traffic safety research. This platform gives unique access to data, derived from 5 million kilometres of driving. Svanberg & Svanberg will continue to assist SAFER in providing state-of-the-art data management tools and support research within the area”.

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