The Swedish Action plan for safe road traffic 2022-2025 is launched

May, 10 2022

Under the leadership of the Swedish Transport Administration, 33 authorities and other valuable actors have joined the national Action Plan for safe road traffic 2022–2025. SAFER is one of the contributing organisations. 

“The strength of the Action plan is that we get a joint plan for activities that will contribute to improved road safety and that we can learn from and inspire each other. I really like the overall idea to utilize the power of collaboration”, says Malin Levin, SAFER’s representative in the group that have developed the national plan.

The Action plan contains a total of 250 measures that we, together with the other participating actors, intend to implement during the period. Together with our SAFER partners, we have contributions with several initiatives, for example data collection and data analysis on road user behavior, exploring the concept of road safety footprint and actively spread knowledge about ongoing and completed research, through publications, seminars, newsletters, social media and workshops.

This Action plan is the second of its kind since the government in 2016 re-launched the Vision Zero and at the same time commissioned the Swedish Transport Administration to lead the national collaboration of road safety. The Swedish Transport Administration is the sender of the Action plan and is responsible for the content and conclusions of the report. Each actor is responsible for the implementation of its own measures.

A summary of SAFER’s contribution to the national Action plan:

  • During the period, SAFER contributes to data collection and data analysis on cyclists' behavior and incidents that can form the basis for further research on the design of safe road environments and vehicles.
  • SAFER participates in research on how to influence road users to a more active journey (e.g. choosing a bicycle instead of a car) and safer traffic behavior (e.g. helmet use).
  • Through research projects, SAFER stimulates technology transfer and knowledge transfer from the automotive industry, for example how protection systems from cars can be used for bicycles.
  • SAFER creates the conditions for research that helps to support the driver to maintain a safe speed, for example explore technologies that measures the driver's condition and adapts the car's support system to the driver's ability.
  • SAFER summarises results and participates in new research that develops various measurement methods to analyze the driver's condition, such as the effects of alcohol or drugs.
  • SAFER identifies research issues and initiates projects that explores how companies and organisations could measure and report their value chain’s road safety footprint.
  • SAFER identifies relevant issues for future research on road safety as part of the procurement process.
  • SAFER initiates projects that contribute to creating a sustainable safety culture in companies that work with, or will introduce, automated vehicles.
  • SAFER works actively to spread knowledge about ongoing and completed research, through publications, seminars, newsletters, social media and workshops.
  • SAFER participates in research on road users' behavior and interaction between drivers and pedestrians, for example through the development of support systems that contribute to safer traffic behavior.

See the complete plan here: Trafikverket Aktionsplan för säker vägtrafik 2022-2025 (