Time for the annual traffic safety conference in Tylösand!

Many researchers, politicians and others who work with road safety gathered according to annual tradition in Tylösand to discuss the latest in the field. This year's theme is: Results, thank you - From words to action.

Unfortunately, the number of people that was killed in traffic in 2018 was higher than the year before. Questions such as how we can change this negative trend are the focus of this year's event.

SAFER related researchers contributed
Several SAFER researchers were present and shared their latest knowledge and findings. To give a few examples, SAFER's board representative from the Swedish Transport Administration, Maria Krafft, also the target director for Vision Zero, presented Procurement for sustainable speeds. This is an interesting call that can really contribute to a positive change in the industry. Astrid Linder from VTI gave an interesting presentation on Speed and Altitude. During the presentation, she described the challenge in our road transport system by looking at the energies it contains, which became very illustrative.

Main National Road Safety Conference
The Tylösand Seminar, organized by MHF, is an annual traffic safety seminar. The first occasion was arranged in 1957, so it has become a well-established tradition in Tylösand during the autumns. During these years, the seminar has evolved into becoming an important part of Sweden's successful road safety work. The Tylösand Seminar is attracting anyone who is working with traffic safety issues; politicians, researchers and other actors. The Tylösand Seminar also offers many opportunities for informal contacts with key people working in the area of traffic safety.

Presentations available
See all the presentations from the conference in the link below.

Astrid Linder
Astrid Linder from VTI illustrated the energy in the transport system.
Maria Krafft
Maria Krafft presented an initiative to reduce speed by procurement.

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