Traffic safety footprints – a new competence building project in SAFER’s portfolio

The project aims to develop a concept and provide proposals for the design a tool for Sweden's municipalities and regions to be able to measure, follow up and report on their Traffic Safety footprints. This will be conducted by identifying appropriate road safety indicators and developing proposals for tools and methods for follow up. The background to the project is the 9 recommendations that were launched in conjunction to the global ministerial conference on road safety in Stockholm last year. The recommendations are strategic tools that can contribute to achieving the global sustainable development goals in a more effective way. The work will take place in collaboration with the City of Gothenburg, the municipality of Partille, NTF, Sweco and DuWill AB.

“The nine recommendations that was launched at the Global Ministerial Conference are brilliant”, Malin Levin at SAFER and member of the project says.

“They contain a new strategic way of thinking about road safety that opens up great opportunities for the research community. We see great opportunities to benefit from the way of thinking and through our new project Road safety footprints we hope to learn how we can start working with the new tool more in practice together with other actors in society to help save lives in traffic”.

You can read more about the nine recommendations in the book “Saving lives beyond 2020 – the next steps” below.

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