Trent Victor now adjunct professor

Mar, 28 2013

Trent Victor is a Technology Specialist in Human Machine Interaction at Volvo Global Trucks Technology. He is also competence area leader at SAFER and deeply involved in many of our projects within naturalistic driving studies (NDS). On March 18, 2013, he gave his installation lecture for Adjunct Professor at the department of Applied IT at Chalmers.

The installation lecture provided an overview of Trent Victor's research and work up until now, and discussed the most important research priorities for the upcoming years. Much of Trent’s previous and ongoing research is focused on understanding driver inattention and on how to design systems to support attentive driving. This is important because the design of Human Machine Interaction (HMI) of in-vehicle electronics and portable systems in the automotive industry is heavily influenced by safety concerns with distraction, a form of inattention.

Trent predicts that attentive driving in the future will be achieved through more research concerning: examination of real pre-crash visual behavior, efficient performance tests and criteria for good HMI, real-time eye- and head tracking, innovative interaction technology (e.g. voice, head-up displays), and human factors in assisted and automated driving.

Many questions from the audience were put to Trent, who coped well. The subject is of importance to most of us and a hot topic. 

SAFER says: Congratulations!

Trent is also one of the two scientific leaders for the International Conference on Driver Distraction and Inattention.